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  • New suspension what do you guys think?

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    Well, from the info I can find at the site, it seems to say the assembly replaces a coil spring. What about applications that have rear leaf springs? What is the ride quality on the rear where the air spring is fighting the leaf spring? Would one have to fabricate a four-link rear suspension to get full benefit of the air springs?

    Then you have to buy a compressor/reserve air tank assemblies. It is now getting expensive just to have AIR-RIDE (IMO).

    It would be nice if these air springs (or whatever the correct terminology is) could be adapted to work with the LINC MARK VII system where it has a compressor, height sensors and solenoids to individually regulate each air spring. Where would you store the tanks in a convertable?

    I would investigate further and price the complete installation.


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      I was thinking the same thing, Ive only done this on a complete custom where everything was new (front end, 4 link, etc). I know my bird has leaf springs in the rear but over the years they've gotten weak and i think this is the cause of my bottoming out on speed bumps. I dont want to go to a hydrolic system so I heard the new air ride technologies are supposed to be a lot better. I read cadillac installs them in all their cars now but you cant really adjust them cuz they're self adjusting. I would just like to raise the height and lower it at the flip of a switch ya know?


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        To put my two cents in, IF I was to think of doing this I would do a complete refit by a very reputable company. If air springs are what you want, then have them installed and pay the extra. That way you can get your switch put in and IF something goes wrong they make it right ??? I on the other hand, like the floating / bumping sometimes hard ride, of the current leaf spring system in these beauties.

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