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Lowering The Rocket

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    Originally posted by RustyNCa View Post
    Hmm, maybe my local store had a better tool than most carry?

    I have to say, I've done alot of cars over the years and the springs in the 65 are without a doubt the longest I have ever seen in an uncompressed state.
    Obviously. You must have a good store manager there who has multiple compressors for different types of cars. The one I use for my 2005 Mustang would never work on my 1964 TBird.

    When I took my new '64 springs to the shop to install them the mechanics were in disbelief. The compressors that they had were useless for this application. So we borrowed one from the local O's, and ruined it. So I did some research, found the OTC tool online and ordered it. A dangerous, difficult job then became surprisingly easy. You know what they say about the right tool...


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      removing front coils

      Thanks guys for your suggestions, I live in Ontario Canada and a local parts stow can order the OTC 7045B but it's $350 cananadian but there is an auto zone in Ogdensburg NY about 45min away,I will check to see if they would loan that compressor.
      Will let you know how it turns out.


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        $172 US on Amazon, free shipping


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          Lowering the suspension

          Sorry for the slow reply but I did all the suspension work. I found the correct spring compressor an old mechanic friend of mine has had it for 40 yrs, lucky me, and I cut off 1 1/4 coil off and that dropped the front end about 2" which brought the front fender just about even with the tire. Then I installed some lowering blocks for the rear springs and now the cars altitude is where I want it. Thanks again for all the input.