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more current model disk brake system

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  • more current model disk brake system

    I am considering using a more current model disk brake system to put on my 61 Tbird. I have already replaced the master cylinder and wheels to 15" rims. Spindles are still factory.
    Has anyone gone to a salvage yard and taken the disk brake system off and put it on their 61 Tbird?

    Thanks Randy.

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    Disc Brake Conversion

    Hi Randy:

    Here is a link to a thread where doing a disc brake conversion on a Bullet Bird took place. Yadkin et al are very, very knowledable and I suggest you read through the thread and ask your questions there.

    Also, I am certain you will get lots of help from this as well as an introduction to some really experienced folks.

    You can also do a search on "disc brakes" and you will find all kinds of information on this. Good luck!
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    Geoff In Carlsbad
    1961 Thunderbird Convertible aka: Betty:cool:



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      Thanks so much Geoff for replying back and words of advice. Also, thanks for the great Link.


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        The thread that Geoff linked to was a Granada conversion that came through my shop that the owner was having problems with- mainly the fact that he could not turn the wheel fully. I don't like that conversion due to the reasons stated.

        Look up Toms Classic disc brake conversion on ebay. There are also one or two conversations about these kits in this forum. I installed a kit on mine and, in spite of a hiccup or two that Tom had been good at responding to, I'm satisfied with the result. The kit uses rotors and calipers from an S10, so replacement parts are cheap and readily available anywhere. In fact I can upgrade to Wildwood performance if I so choose in the future.

        The key to Tom's kits is that he uses the factory spindle and uses special bushings to convert to late model rotors. Then he builds a special bracket to carry the compatible caliper. In my case the GM caliper has to be machined in one small location- a 'rough' operation that can be done with simple tools.