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    Originally posted by simplyconnected View Post

    This work isn't hard or technical. I would say a novice with a Shop Manual can do it in his driveway on a Saturday afternoon if he has the right tools (puller, scrapers, wrenches, rags and parts washer) and parts (new timing set, Permatex Black, Teflon thread sealer and Loctite-blue).
    What is the "puller" you refer to in the above quote? Is it the "gear puller" you refer to in an earlier note? the manual refers to a Crankshaft Sleeve Removal tool T56P-6362-A.
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      Geoff, I cover this in one of my sites: Click Here

      I made the damper puller I used. It cost me about a buck to make.

      The sleeve slides off with NO special tools. You will need to remove the key in the crankshaft post before sliding the sleeve off. It's all in the pictures. - Dave
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        Both Autozone and Advance Auto have a loan a tool program so it won't cost you anything if you don't have the correct puller.

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          Maybe things have changed since we replaced our '60 timing chain.

          Many timing sets were advertised as fitting 58-76 Ford/Mercury FE
          engines without taking into consideration of the cam button installation on the early years of the FE. Possibly up to 1963.

          The removal and installation was easy to do and allowed the opportunity to wash out the oil pan.