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1961 T-Bird Heater Core Replacement

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  • 1961 T-Bird Heater Core Replacement

    Hi Guys!
    I'm new on this forum and would like to share my experience replacing or fixing parts on my T-Bird.

    First of all something about me:

    I'm from switzerland so if they are some orthography errors please excuse me.
    I'm 31 years old and I'm a happy owner a 61' T-bird Convertible since 1 month I'm a big fan of US-Cars since I'm 15 years old and my dream was to own a US-Car with V8 sound and my dream becames true this year

    Ok, let's continue to the problem:

    I changed the cooler tubes and had a leak inside the car after that. It was the joint of the heater core flange that was old and broked by changing the tube. I had some troubles finding a replacement manual so i decided to take some pictures and create something like a manual on this forum.

    1st step:
    take out the 4 screws for the side dashboard cover

    2nd step:
    carefully take out the trim bar using a big flat screwdriver

    3rd step:
    remove the 3 screw of the air conditioner ventilation, the screw of the trim bar and the 3 nuts on the back of the lower dashboard cover (in yellow)

    4th step:
    remove the 5 screws of the dashboard cover, the one right down is fixed with a nut

    5th step:
    remove this cable

    6th step:
    remove the 2 screws of the temperature wire, the 7 screws of the cover plate and the 4 screws of the feet air blower ( i marked only 2, the 2 other ones are not visible on the picture)

    7th step:
    remove the heater core by taking out the 4 screws ( i also marked only 2 because of the other ones are not visible)
    D'ont forget to take out the water tubes inside the motor room

    Then you can take out the heater core, unlock the 2 nuts of the flange and fix the leak. I fixed the leak problem by adding a thick silicone o-ring. first a cleaned the flanges with a metal brush, added some grease to avoid rust in the future and putted this thick o-ring. I tested and it did'nt leak anymore.

    Hope this post can help one of you guys one day.

    Oh, you can see the aluminium tape on the dashboard ventilation, i take a old bicycle hose and cutted it on the right size and fixed it with aluminium tape because i hadn't the correct spare part, but it also works
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    Thanks for taking the time to document the heater core repair and the great pictures. I'm sure Ray will add it to the Technical Resource Library so it is handy for anyone else who has this problem. I've had to do this myself and your pictures are much better than the description in the shop manual.

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      1961 T-Bird Heater Core Replacement

      Patrik, I will, indeed put this in the Technical Resource Library. We do not have this procedure documented for the Bulletbirds. I would ask you though, to go into Photobucket and change your photo settings to 800x600 pixels. As you can see, the photos are to large for the screen, causing one to have to slide to the right to see all the text. The maximum picture size allowed is 800x600 pixels, as stated in the Welcome that was posted to you in the New Members Welcoming Forum. Welcome aboard and thank you very much for the nicely done Technical tip on how to fix this problem. It will be a boon for years to other Bulletbird owners.

      This Technical Tip is now in the Technical Resource Library! You will find it below the Headliner information. Thanks Patrik!
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