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1962 T Bird convertible

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  • 1962 T Bird convertible

    Hello Everyone!

    I am brand new to the forum and look forward to getting to know you folks!

    I recently acquired a 1962 convertible that has been sitting in a garage for 25 +years.

    I am going to start working on it soon and welcome any input you have.

    My game plan is to get it running and safe by replacing the fuel, brake, ignition and cooling systems.

    I would like to put larger wheels and an air ride suspension along with electronic ignition. If you could direct me to threads you think are relevant as well as offer any advice on where to purchase parts etc. that would be great.

    I look forward to learning from you guys!


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    Welcome to Squarebirds. Make sure you check out the Technical Resource Library. It has a wealth of knowledge on all systems including air suspension, electronic ignition, wheels, etc.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      Welcome Clark, it's good to see another Michigander onboard.

      Do you have a Shop Manual for your car? This is the very first tool you will need. They are sold at all the vendors and are inexpensive. - Dave
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        I recently acquired a 1962 convertible that has been sitting in a garage for 25 +years.
        Same here - ABSOLUTELY the first thing to do is order a full set of manuals. A lot (most) of information is available here in the TRL area. STUDY the function of the Convertible Top manual and make the recommended jumper wires. I also made 2 more jumpers each 25' long to clip to the battery terminals to have good solid connections to any area I am working on. The top mechanism can be a bit overwhelming at first, but only one thing happens at a time.


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          1962 T Bird convertible

          Clark, a list of Tbird vendors can be found in the Advertisements Forum on here. You will want to call or email them and ask them to send you their free catalogs. You can go online on their websites and order the necessary shop manual, and other manuals you are going to need. The wiring schematic is found in the Technical Resource Library, the link to which can be found on any post I or jopizz made, like this one. It is below my signature element. Good luck with the restore!

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