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  • Horn not working

    I've searched through the old threads and can't find any any horn related threads that apply to me.

    A little background, my dad and I have a 63 Bird. We've done tons of work on it exterior and interior. When we bought it, several months ago, the horn worked. It wasn't very powerful, but it worked. Then it would just click when you depressed the horn ring. For the last several months the horn has just stopped working. I get 12 volts at the relay if I test it but I'm not getting any volts down at the horn wires. I want to say I did at one time but I don't remember.

    I've replaced the horn relay but it's still not working. I have also replaced the shift indent so I made sure all those wires were connected inside the steering wheel. The little spring was pretty corroded so I really cleaned that too.

    Any thoughts? I've read about the steering column slipping and loosening the bolts and pulling it back up, but we haven't tried that yet.

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    First, check the ground connection at the horn. It is the bracket itself. Remove it, clean the connection and reassemble. Next, "jump" the horn wire to battery 12v and test it.