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  • Ignition switch question

    I received this message today and do not have the first hand knowledge to help, so I am copying and pasting it here for y'all to help him. Thanks in advance. J

    Hi Joe, i'm new to this site, I have a 1962 tbird, I ordered a new ignition tumbler and keys from macs. I removed the old one( had to drill it out) the one they sent me is not the same as the old. looking at it from the back side, there are 3 extensions. one at 12 oclock, one at 7 oclock, and one at 1 oclock. the one that came out has only 2, one at 12 o clock and one at 5 oclock. I called and they told me I probably don't have an original switch, does this sound correct? I know the switch I took out has been in a very long time, the key is worn to a nub.
    the car only has 29,000 miles on it.
    thank you for any help
    joe delbonis

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    Here's what the ignition lock cylinder for a '62 should look like. I replaced one not too long ago and this is the one I used. Echlin part # ECH KS6485.

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      The ignition switch for 1961-64 Thunderbirds is the same part number (C3AZ 11572-A; refer to the illustration below).

      1960 part number is B5A... (meaning it was introduced and used since 1955), because all the wires attach individually.
      Ford went to a plug arrangement in '61, so those wires could not be crossed at the assembly plant.

      You guys with earlier Squarebirds, don't get nervous, this book I'm using starts in year 1960, so your switches are the same as 1960. agrees with this... They show four different parts for your switch, including a replacement plug.

      A 1961 tumbler (C3AZ 1582-A) will not fit a (1958-60) Squarebird switch. So look at the back side of your ignition switch. If it has a plug/socket arrangement, it is a '61-64. If no plug it is a Squarebird. - Dave
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        This message is for joho123.. You emailed us requesting to know how to ask questions on this Forum. I emailed you and asked you to call me at 210-674-5781 and I would talk you through it. You have not replied. If you want to know how to post and ask your own questions, give me a call!

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          ignition switch bezel

          I can't get behind the switch to push through enough to attach the bezel, is there any easier way?


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            I would like to say there's an easier way but unfortunately there isn't. You have to push the switch toward you in order to put the bezel on and turn it. I've done a number of them and every one was a real pain.

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              I can't get behind it without removing fuse block, I guess that is what I must do.