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horn not working

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  • horn not working

    I thought I'd ask before I tear everything apart. Horn does not work. They are both connected and horn ring is in place. Turn signals work good.

    Is there a fuse or relay for the horn. Suggestions on a simple starting point, location of relay for my '63 Bird.


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    Horn Problems

    Adam the horn relay is located below the voltage regulator to the left side of the rad . Ian (Remember Not All Birds Fly South)


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      horn not working

      Adam, if the Bulletbird is like the Squarebird, the horn contacts are inside the steering column. What can happen with the Squarebird is that the steering column can, over years, or because of being worked on, slip down slightly. When this happens it can cause contact to be lost with the horn contacts and the horn will stop working. Down under the dash where the steering column bolts to the bottom of the dash, you should find the bolts that hold the steering column in place. Try loosening them up, and then pull up on the steering column to a point where it will go no further. Tighten the bolts to prevent it from slipping down again. Try the horn ring to see if the horn works now. If it does... Great! You just fixed the problem. If it does not... Well, you will have to do some more troubleshooting. Look at the wiring schematics for your Bulletbird in the Technical Resource Library, the link to which is always part of my signature element. Let us know how you come out.

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        The two screws are just above your knees when sitting in the seat.

        When Ray says, "pull up", he means toward your chest (while sitting in the seat). Not up towards the dash.

        The column cannot be pulled up too far as there is a bearing stop inside. Be careful not to twist the column, as that will throw off your shifter lever and dial. If you do twist it, just make sure you put it back in the same orientation (left to right).

        There are no fuses because the power wire (from the voltage regulator) is inches away from the horn relay. In other words, the relay is powered first. The wire going up your column simply completes the path to ground. So if that wire were to touch ground anywhere along the way, the relay coil will energize causing your horn to blow. The relay coil limits current so there is no need for a fuse. - Dave
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