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Seal and bearing numbers

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  • Seal and bearing numbers

    Does anyone know a source of bearing and seal numbers? For example, I am resealing my steering box and I just need the steering shaft and steering arm seals. The shaft seal has no number on it, and I am pretty sure that it is 7/8 X 1 5/8 X 1/4 but it would have been nice to get it sourced out before I even took it out.
    Ford parts guide?
    Thanks all,


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    Check There is a pitman shaft seal, sector shaft seal and a worm shaft seal. I'm not sure which ones you need. There are pictures and dimensions if you go under info. They also have part numbers in case you want to try and find them locally.

    John Pizzi - Squarebirds Administrator

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      Thanks John - on my way there now!


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        Suspicious mind

        I got the seals and installed them. They work fine and I no longer leave a trail like a slug!

        When I checked Rock Auto it seemed that the size of the Pittman arm seal was describing the sector seal. I guess if I had ordered them both I would have got what I needed.

        In retrospect I should have just pulled the Pittman arm and replaced the seal on the car. Apart from painting it when it was out I don't think I gained much because I don't think the top seal was leaking anyway.

        Regardless, Rock seems like a great resource.