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61 to 63 Coupe Maintenance

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  • 61 to 63 Coupe Maintenance

    Hi All,

    Are there any members who own a 61 to 63 hardtop and can suggest preventative maintenance on specific and/or all areas? I am picking up my first bird tomorrow and any tips in keeping her in tip top shape from engine adjustments to mechanical tweaks would be appreciated. I have not owned a vehicle with a carburetor for 25 years and have forgotten how to maintain them. What would be the best gas to use and the best gas station to use? Or is gas all the same to these birds? This bird I purchased has a Ident plate issue for sure and the rear power window is sticking. I plan to attempt and learn as much as I can about fixing what gremlins pop up time from time. It would be great if any little quirks that have come up and have been posted on this site would have the thread directed my way. As I work on my bird I will post any abnormalities I may find for those who have experienced similar and/or are looking for a solution. Thanks to all that reply and help build this thread.


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    61 to 63 Coupe Maintenance

    Hi Rob, there is a lot of information that you are looking for in the Technical Resource Library (TRL) Much of it does apply to Squarebirds in particular, but a lot of it also applies to other Tbirds as well. The general maintenance information in the TRL pretty well applies to all cars.

    As for the best gas, unless your engine has been modified to accept the newer grades of fuel, you will probably have to use the higher octane gas. It is hard to say which gas station to use. One that is nationally known would be better. You may have to try a few different brands to see which one gives you the best service. As for the sticking rear power window, power windows are much alike. The electrical diagrams for our Tbirds are listed in the TRL. You can bring them up, expand them and print them out. You should certainly buy a shop manual for that year Tbird you are buying. All our Tbird vendors sell them, and many more manuals. You can find the Tbird parts houses all listed in the Advertisements Forum. When you get her and can, post some pix of her in the Our Rides Forum for us to see. Good luck with her. BTW, the link to the TRL is always below my signature element on any post I make.

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