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Jack stowage in boot of 62

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  • Jack stowage in boot of 62

    Hi guys, just bought a 62 hardtop, and going the process to get it on the road. The jack was loose in the boot when I got it - could anyone post a picture, or tell me how it all clamps in to the wheel arch?

    Also there is a relay under the dash with two wires (I think brown and black), but the wires are disconnected. Everything seems to work ok (except no brake lights), so I thought I would ask if anyone knew what it was before I just reconnected them.

    - Pete

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    Pete - I'll try and post a picture soon for you. There is supposed to be a sticker with instructions on the stowage area cover panel, and its obvious you are missing that. The jack is secured by a long spring (we called them screen door springs on the farm) which is secured for and aft under the top of the quarter panel and goes over the jack and secures in the middle by a loop of sheet metal on the pinchweld along the trunk floor.
    Convertibles are slightly different and I will try and post picturews from the Osborn manual for you.


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      Here are a couple of pictures for you:
      The drawings are from the "Osborn Manuals" which I feel are "must have" items along with the reproduction Ford shop manual. I have a Sport Roadster and all the manuals have been invaluable to me servicing the top components during the short time I have owned the car.

      Note my jack handle is not "correctly" stowed but elimated a rattle in this manner.

      Hope this helps and don't hesitate to ask questions.
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        Those Two Wires....

        Hi Pete, I see Joe gave you some information on jack storage. If you look at the Technical Resource Library (TRL) you might find the answer to your question regarding those two wires. The TRL link is always part of my signature element, so click on it, slide down the page til you find the Wiring Diagrams. Click on it, and slide down to the 1962 Wiring Diagram. Print it out and you might find those wires you have a question about.

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          Thank you!!!!

          Guys, a big thank you for the information posted. My car has the original matting, but the stowage instructions are unreadable, and I was definately headed down the wrong path, so the pics from Joe are invaluable. I have also downloaded the wiring diagram as advised by Yellowrose, and will confirm that. Thanks again for the info!!!!!


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            Having just aquired my TBird this old post helped me work out where the jack base and wheel wrench went.

            Thank you.



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              Peter that is what this site is all about and these members are knowledgeable.

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