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1963 bird will not start???

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  • 1963 bird will not start???

    Help! I just inherited a 1963 tbird that had been sitting in my uncles garage for 12 years. I changed all the fluids rebuilt the carb and finally got it running. My problem now is it won't start with the ignition key. at first it did now all i get is a click from the relay on the firewall, which i believe is for the power windows. The car starts fine while using a remote starter switch on the starter solenoid. Im stumped i already replaced the starter relay and ignition switch to no avail. Does anybody have a wiring schematic i can trace the circuit? I'm getting voltage at the I terminal at the solenoid when key on. just don't know what to check next. I was thinking maybe neutral safety switch ??? Any help would be appreciated.

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    CLICK HERE for your schematic. Scroll down to 3WD-220 & 221, click on the picture to enlarge and print it while it is big. Print both pages and tape them together.

    Please clarify, you said you successfully use a remote starting button, then you said, when there is +12 on the starter relay 'I' terminal the starting relay (solenoid) won't energize. Re-check the ground on the relay as it needs to be 'solid'. What are you measuring with? Use a 12-volt light instead of a meter because it is a load.

    Have you pulled up on the gear shift lever while turning the key? I would try this first.

    Make sure your Solenoid wires are installed correctly. Ford uses the front lug as a tie point for lots of +12 connections. The back side lug only goes to the starter motor. Look at the schematic; dash power comes from the solenoid (front lug), goes to the headlight switch and Ignition Switch, through the Neutral Switch, and back to the solenoid's coil Red-Blue wire (which should be the small front lug). Your ignition's resistor-bypass (Pink) wire goes to the small rear lug.

    I hope this helps. Check your grounds and let us know what you found. - Dave
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      Originally posted by blwnova View Post
      I was thinking maybe neutral safety switch ??? Any help would be appreciated.
      The swing away steering wheel is a known issue with the Thunderbird as it wears the bushings for the shift tube. You'll find it common to have a problem with the neutral switch as well. It's common for tbird owners to have to 'jiggle' the shifter to get the engine to turn over. If you find that is your problem, the bushings are available and help can be had here. Just a word of caution, never leave the car idling in park unless the steering wheel is moved all the way to the right, this locks the shift lever. They have been known to drop into reverse while running, and you don't need that. Good luck, Bob C


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        thank you guys. i will try those tips later this afternoon and let you know what happens