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C6 in a 63? Can it be done?

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  • C6 in a 63? Can it be done?

    I have a 63 tbird with a cruise o matic that need rebuilt. I also have a FE C6 from a 390 pick up that doesn't need rebuilt. Is there a kit or is it difficult to install a C6?

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    It's been done, it depends on your skills and how you drive your car. The cross member has to be adapted, the rear mount is in a different place on the C6. The trans cooler lines need to be re-done. The linkage is different, and it's finicky with the swing away wheel. I've done a few criuse-o-matics, they are easy as far as transmissions go. You can get a complete kit for about $120. Watch out if you change flex plates, the C6 has a different tooth count and used a different starter. Good luck, Bob C


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      I found areally great article on the conversion. I'll post the link later. I think I might look into rebuilding the c/m, the conversion requires that all linkage, cooler lines and the rear mount be fabricated. I don't really have the resources for that. Plus I don't plan on rodding the car. Just a family cruiser.
      Is it an easy rebuild?


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        I think they're simple. I can say you won't need any special tools, just a pick for the O rings and a C clamp for the servo's. I've never had to go through one that was trashed already, so it was clean, inspect, and install new parts. The shop manual has an overhaul section, but if you need it I have a COM manual I can get to you. Good luck, Bob C


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          I may look for a used one, not sure yet. I looked on Mac's and Larry's T-bird's website for a rebuild kit. I didn't see anything though. Too be honest I'm a little nervous about doing the rebuild myself, I've read so many articles about others who have done rebuilds and ended up trashing their tranny's. Yea, I'll PM you about the COM, thanks.
          Definitely selling the C6 though. I think I'll use that money to repair the Cruise o'maitc, that will be easier in the long run. Not to mention I don't plan on hot rodding the car... that much
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            Here is a link I found that has a good article on the C6 swap. I can't remember where I found it, may have been on this forum.



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              Originally posted by 63Bulletbird View Post
              ...Is it an easy rebuild?
              You know, this question has lots of answers. If you're a tranny guy and haven't done one, there is a learning curve and yes, you need a press (even if you make it yourself). Reference pictures #38-40 in my site, below. Overhaul your first COM with someone who has experience.

              In the day, ALL transmission shops worked on these 'simple' transmissions. Now, the younger guys haven't seen one, but they can do 6-speed electronic tranny's. My point is, transmissions are all different in their own rite. Finding an expeirenced COM guy will be a task.

              Regardless of which tranny you use, I suggest you go through it first, because:

              * You can clean and inspect all moving parts, castings, bearings, bands, etc. (Most problems stem from dirt, or lack of trans fluid.)

              * Nothing can take the place of a good old-fashioned inspection.

              * Seals get old, hard, and leaky (especially around the shifter shaft). These are easy to change when the case is bare.

              Finally, during re-assembly, use an air hose to test your work. Here are pictures of my COM overhaul:
              CLICK HERE

              We have seen evidence from other posts, where the center support beam casting was broken right through the bolt hole. Read this post. This is cause for changing the whole housing. In this tragedy, the German rebuilder tried brazing the casting without telling the owner.

              The transmission shop tried to cover up this repair and the T-bird ended up jumping into reverse and climbing over a cement wall.

              I encourage you to inspect your transmission personally, if at all possible. My COM is alive and well in my wife's '59 Galaxie. It shifts smoothly and acts exactly as it should.

              I hope this helps. - Dave
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