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'64 Futura 6 cyl Power Steering Pictures?

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  • '64 Futura 6 cyl Power Steering Pictures?

    I finally replaced my '64 Falcon Futura hardtop that I sold back in 1972 - an act that I have regretted from the moment I took the new owner's money into my hand. But, a deal was a deal and it took me a long time to find a repalcement for my silver with a red bucket seat interior. My original Falcon was a 6 cylinder automatic and that was one of the reasons it took forever to find a decent car that had not been altered or cut up. I scored this Futura in Eugene, oregon - an ho9nest 12 hour drive from where I live. It too, is a factory 6 cylinder automatic car but it has power steering. The previous owner had removed the power steering and there were some brackets in the trunk that don't seem to fit. I bought another set of power steering pump brackets on Ebay but I'll be draned if I can figure how they go together or where they fit. Does anyone have a Falcon with factory power steering that they could email me some pictures of so that I can figure out what to do here? The shop manual doesn't really show a lot.. maybe I need a facotry assembly manual... Any help will be appreciuated. You can email me directly at if you wish - or post here. I check in every couple of days when I have the time. Thanks. Gary