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    New Hood

    I bought a new (used OE) Hood off of ebay, it should be here in a couple days. Other than a bad hood and a few minor dings, her body is solid and mostly intact. Did I mention she was for sale? I'm not looking to make any money, and I do need the parking space, so the first $2000 takes it, including a new hood!


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      I's stay with the ORIGINAL 352cid on this rare Bird.

      The 1960 Ford Thunderbird. The WORLD'S most wanted car....

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        Awe, this poor girl getting shuffled from place to place without any place to call HOME.

        Jozdad... original items always mean more, surely you've seen "numbers matching" in advertisements over the years....
        That being said, I'd yank the valve covers off and spark plugs out and apply copious amounts of household oil and let it sit for a week or so and see just how "seized" everything really is

        Find a nice dry spot to park her and throw a good tarp over for protection while you wait on that 2K asking price


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          Originally posted by tbird430 View Post
          I's stay with the ORIGINAL 352cid on this rare Bird.

          Your 351 won't bolt up to the T Bird trans either unless you find a smallblock bellhousing from a cruise-o-matic to put on it.


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            Hey Grant,
            I had a '64 Thunderbird parts car with the engine seized up. Here is what I done! Pull the plugs and pour in some Marvel Mystery Oil into the cylinders. Walk away and let it soak everything good. After a couple of days, try bumping over the engine with a socket wrench on the crank a little bit at a time. If you get a bit of motion, work it back and fourth as it frees up. Don't force it too much, patience is the key. Do this several times! After sometime she turned freely. It got to a point I could turn engine by grabbing the fan!
            Richard D. Hord
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              Golde In Wa

              Ray, Doug,
              This Golde was for sale around 12 months ago on Hemmings, being a Golde i will keep track on the Sunroof cars the best i can, its a nice find but i have a question..the car looks to have been off the road many years but the vin plate looks very clean, is it possible that its new? or has been cleaned up, the securing rivets are correct thou.