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60 Golde Top OD Trans on E-Bay

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  • 60 Golde Top OD Trans on E-Bay

    For you Golde Top Lovers, there's an awsome 60 Golde Top with 352, AC, and Manual OD -- kind of a rare combination I think. Anyway, there are 120 photos to look at.

    Just thought that I'd let you know. If this doesn't belong here -- please move it.

    Item number: 290168938793
    1960 Hard Top/430
    Thunderbird Registry Number 1231

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    Good God, that's perfection!

    That ought to be sold to Ford, for their Museum in Dearborn.
    Never seen a car that perfect that was 47 years old.
    I love it! I'd have to build a concrete garage, heated & air conditioned for that and NEVER ever drive it.

    Why would anyone sell it ??

    Alexander, you need this !


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      It is a very nice car, but it needs some work to make it a concours winner. These cars did not come with wire wheels.

      Most of the problem on this car is in the engine compartment. It is missing the stock air cleaner. Valve covers in that year said "FORD," not "Thunderbird." The A/C compressor should be a finned flanged-valve York compressor. This is a modern replacement Roto-Lock valve York compressor. The sticker placements in the engine compartment is all wrong. What detracts most in this engine compartment is the modern plastic wire loom wrap seen on the left valve cover.

      1959 Hard Top
      1960 Golde Top


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        What's it worth, as is ?

        'Ya do realize that it's MY kinda color, yes ?


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          Overall the car looks like it is solid rust-free with great chrome and interior. It is worth 20 to 30 K.

          It is a Corinthian White car. Why is that your color?
          1959 Hard Top
          1960 Golde Top


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            It's Palm Springs Rose !

            Scan all the way to the end & view the window sticker & otherpaper documents.
            I was recently re-united with "Pinkin" here in N.J.
            I have many many pictures.
            It's now inthe hnads of the Mark7 club.
            It looks a 100% perfect & all original ! I was speechless.
            Many pics of it @
            (copy & paste is the only way it will work)
            Go to September meets. Edison NJ
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              You are right, it is Palm Springs Rose - color code V.

              I assumed it was the usual white. You have a sharp eye.
              1959 Hard Top
              1960 Golde Top


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                If there is a pink car or a purple car in my county, I can smell it !

                Go look at "Pinkin" ! She looks flawless after 7 owners (counting me). She has been in Fla., Calif, Pa (twice) and New Jersey ! Check out her mileage !! Still low low.


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                  Alexander mentioned the newer AC compressor... this car also has a holly carb. Might be a newer , not original engine. But a beauty she is.


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                    Palms Spring Rose Golde Top

                    Good morning people. The auction for the 60 Golde Top is over, as it didn't hit the reserve.I was one of the bidders and I laughed at some of the bids going up in a $1.00 increment.
                    The last bid was $19,101.00 and obviously that wasn't what the seller wanted for this beutiful 60. What do you people think, realistically given the colour, condition and options on this Golde Top, would it be worth. The reason I ask, is I am interested in calling Wind City to see what they want as it has caught my eye. Not to mention that with our Canadian dollar being so strong, it's a good time to purchase. Please give me your expert opinion.

                    Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
                    Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
                    Thunderbird Registry
                    58HT #33317
                    60 HT (Sold )


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                      $25,000 in my opinion.

                      IF I owned it and was offered $25,000 - I would NOT sell it.
                      But - as Alexander knows, I also would never ever use it.

                      I have a 1986 collector car - bought new - with 866 miles on it, as well as another that's a 1990 with 2,350 miles on it.

                      So, to my thought process, $ 25,000 is ALOT to tie up, permanently, inside the garage, unless one is very "well-to-do" and does not worry about such pocket change as $25,000. I saw a guy drop $21,000 at Atlantic City Casino, and walk away like he had lost his toothpick!
                      Then again, he'd probably tell both of us that we are both crazy.
                      E'one's got their own schtick.

                      Just remember, everytime you use it (should you buy it) it's "life" ((worth)) is at severe risk, as there's a Kia somewhere in Canada that's gonna run a red light!

                      It does make for some ellegant garage furniture, however.

                      GO FOR IT, Life is short.


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                        Did you buy the car as i remember this car from about 8-9 years ago, as i too had a Palm Spring Rose Golde.


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                          I have had a good look at the Golde again and noted much of the cars interior is a retrim in the wrong material/vinyl and style, shame due to its rarity, but! its still a lovely car.


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                            Boy !! That is a tough one !!!!
                            I'd love to have a sunroof !! On one hand, if you had a true prestine collectors piece, I could see just storing it.

                            On the other hand, you could be sitting on your front porch when your 90 yrs old bragging about your 60 TBird that you never took out and enjoyed.

                            My dad did the opposite with our Bird. He bought it new and kept it in the garage. He drove an old beater Chrysler to work. One day it hit him, why should I work so hard and have to drive this piece of sh__ every day.
                            He drove the TBird every day from then on. Put the top down every day when it was nice. He enjoyed it. He always kept it in nice condition. I've done allot to it. People can't believe it has almost 300K miles on it. It's no prestine showroom car, but it's a good road car. I don't commute in it, but I try to take it out once a week & blow the cobwebs out.

                            Tough call . . . But I say enjoy em !!!
                            John Byers
                            1960 Convertible (Orig owner)


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                              Amen to that John ! I live in Upstate NY and my '59 HT sits in the garage or in $torage about 6 months each year. It is a show quality car, not perfect, but real nice and very original/correct. It's starting to bother me that I don't drive it enough. I've been going thru this routine for 18 years now. I've got to decide whether to drive it even in inclement weather or peddle it! As Sandy said, it's too much money just sitting in the garage. At least my wife's '02 comes out in the rain or cold, but not the "Raven". I just brought it home from storage this weekend and it wintered real well, but now it's sitting waiting for the salt to clear off the roads. I know, lots of folks would like to have such a dilemma...

                              I do have a 2 dr Comet project on the back burner that is not original that would be a blast to drive year-round.
                              Mike Lemmon
                              '59 Raven Black Hardtop