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  • sunroof

    Hi Gang,
    Another sunroof car has pop up on ebay, located in NH
    I now have a soft top Birdie but i still love my Sunroof cars, as i have

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    Yesterday while out and about I went down to my favorite junk store Saint Vinnie. While there I noticed an old 60 T bird and of course I went over and looked at it and low and behold it was one of those golden birds! But this one looked more like a rusted duck but it still had that special roof and this is the first one i have seen. After checking it out I found out who the owner was and it belongs to an old friend of mine and I did not know he owned one. Well its needs allot of work but that moon roof is interesting and I told him he had a very rare bird but it needs allot of help. I plan on showing him mine and then see what he has to say about my beautiful bird. Oh yea he gave $500 for it but that was probably 10 years ago. Jon


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      Jon, do you have pictures of that Golde Top? What options does it have?
      1959 Hard Top
      1960 Golde Top


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        Nothing but what I could see and it didn't have power window's. I will take a picture of it when I see it again. He did have the original spare on the front. He told me it was his uncles car and it took three cars to make one! You can tell this as the hood is white the body is blue and lots of rust threw and threw!


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          Oh yes it had a two barrel carberator on it!