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  • Possible Golde Top Parts Help

    Dennis ~ dennis4x4 just emailed me to say that he has sold his Golde Top recently. His Golde Top had a problem with the adjuster mechanism on one side of the top, apparently. The new owner, Larry, made a new stud, a round nut, and a guide using the other side as the guide in doing so. He installed them and now the top slides great. He has said that if anyone has problems with theirs, that he can make the parts for you. These parts are hard to find, apparently. He did not take any measurements on the parts that he made, as he was in a hurry to get the parts into the top and out of the shop that it was located in. You would probably have to send him your parts so he can get the measurements and make the parts for you. Larry comes out of the Aerospace industry and if he needs parts that he cannot find, he just makes them! If you have the same problems he did with this section of the Golde Top, give him a call at 623-581-2766 or 623-628-2769.

    I have told Larry about our Forum and gave him the details about how to join us. Hopefully, you will be seeing him on here shortly.

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    thanks for sharing, appreciate any information about them