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  • Do We Have A Deal 4 U!!!

    You might want to check the Anything Goes Forum for the information on this subject. Especially if you are having problems with your gauges not working or reading properly.

    In fact, if you do not check Anything Goes on a regular basis you should. Often times there is very good technical information posted there that applies to your particular years of Tbirds that is not found in the Technical Forums for each model. In fact, you might also check the other Forums to see what is going on in them because often information is posted in say, the Golde Top, 430MEL, Bulletbird, Flairbird or Engine Forums that can also pertain to your particular model.

    I have gained a huge wealth of information because I read ALL the posts on this Forum, regardless of subject, as does our webmaster, and our other Administrators/Moderators. Anything Goes is not just for jokes, birthday greetings or other things, but also for information that we can all use.

    Point in fact is the thread in Anything Goes with the subject above can save you MONEY, time and effort if you are having gauge/CVR problems.

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