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Possible Wind Deflector & Parts For Golde Tops

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  • Possible Wind Deflector & Parts For Golde Tops

    I received this email from Stan Chamallas. He is not a member of the Forum, but is a Squarebird fan. Here are some parts that he has available that might fit our Golde Tops. From what I have read and been told, many parts on other makes of cars with sliding roofs made by the Golde Company, like BMW's, will also fit our '60 Gold Tops. If you need the following parts, you might want to contact him about this. If you do obtain these parts and find that they work on your Golde Top, please let us know so that others who need these parts will know. This could be a new source of much needed parts. Here is what Stan had to say.

    "Hi Ray,

    I am a fan of the square bird and owned one back in the early 1970's. Currently I have a 1973 BMW 3.0 CS. My car has a Golde sunroof.

    I was unable to find parts for the pop up wind deflector option for this car so after finding some parts, I reverse engineered some parts.

    The available parts include:

    torsion springs
    plastic sunroof guides
    and the deflector itself

    Let me know if these parts work in the 'bird...

    Stan Chamallas "

    Here the two pix of the parts he sent me. Notice that the wind deflector looks nothing like the OEM one used on our Squarebird Gold Top, but might do the trick if you do not mind using a non-OEM item.
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