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How many "bows" for a sunroof.

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  • How many "bows" for a sunroof.

    Hi fellow sunroof Tbird'ers,

    I am in a pickle, I bought a 1960 sunroof as a unfinished project, and not soooo cool to drive around with out a roof linning, my car is with a trimmer at the moment and was asking about a bow in the centre of the sunroof slide panel.
    We could only find two bows, one large and the other smaller, is there any other bows I should have?
    The slide panel is just a flat metal frame, the centre is about 2" wide, does the vinyl attach to that? What stops it from sagging?
    Questions questions and more questions.
    The trimmer has made a new head liner but not sew'n yet, but cannot install till we find out the right bows in the cutting, also where could I buy the plastic seal that goes around the opening?
    Or is it just plain?
    Have noticed in some pic's early days that there is a white plastic type of mould that goes around the opening covering the edge, and others don't have it? Looks cleaner with this mould.
    Would anyone have good pic's of the headliner in a sunroof please. And how the sew'n panels look together.
    If you have, please send them to me via my email address. So the trimmer can compair it, WOW what a job!
    Did not know it would be so hard to get it right.
    Thank you and hope some one out there can help me.

    Cheers guys'n doll's.
    Thunder Downunder.
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    There's no bow in the center. There's only two in the back. I believe the original vinyl had a flap that glued to the center of the frame that kept it from sagging. I put a repro headliner in and it didn't have that flap. I just had to stretch the vinyl as much as possible and glue it on the end of the frame. A little heat will help too. I don't believe that plastic piece is being reproduced. You don't really need it but it does cover any mistakes when you cut the corners. That's one job I certainly wouldn't do again. If you send me an email I can send you a couple of pictures of what mine looked like when it was done.

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      Do a search for 'headliner installation' and you will find some great suggestions - one of which is located at:
      I can also send some pictures of mine if you send me your address.