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    I am in contact with a company that sells and makes some parts for the Porche 356cars, '62-'65 with the electric sliding roof. Contrary from what I had heard, electric Golde Top roofs are different from the manual version that Ford used on the '50 Golde Top Tbird. Therefore, parts from their electric version may not work on our manual version. He also said that is the same for VW, BMW, Studebaker, etc.. He said even the electric versions are different for different makes of cars. He said that he does have new cables that drive the electric sliding roof for the Porche. These cables conform to Golde numbers: 416 631 and 416-632; Ford numbers: C8WY 65502B20-B and C8WY 65502B20-A. Notice that Ford # is a C8 number, and it is for the 1958-1959 Cougar, body type 65. However, the rubber seals and cloth edging may relate to your T-birds.

    He said that if we can provide him with good pix of inner workings of the '60 manual Golde Top, he might be able to tell if parts they have will work on our manual version. I need someone to take detailed pix of the top of their Golde Top with the top open. Pix that show, in good detail, what our tops looks like. We probably need some good pix of the entire tip, as close up as you can get. Then some detailed pix in sections, like close ups of the front, the left side, the right side, and the rear of the opening. Then we will need some detailed pix of the inside, with the top closed and the top open, the same way, so he can see the parts that make it all work better.

    With that information, he might be able to match it up with their electric version and see what parts are the same. So if ya'll can do some good picture taking and send them to me, we might have found someone that already has some parts and might have more.

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