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430 Golde!!

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  • 430 Golde!!

    Ok Gang,
    Who was the real lucky, LUCKY man who got the Lincoln 430 Golde in two tone Beechwood brown and Corinthian white with Exterior crome dress kit, Sunray sunburst hub caps, rear deck antenna, AC! with duo tone leather! and PS,P,SEAT,PB,PW and white floor matts!! In Florida for a cool $18,900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as you beat me to purchase it by one hour!! lol

    Good on you i hope you enjoy that rocket ship!

    past two golde owner, now Golde less!! but restoring his 1960 Convertible, its gone beyond a joke to perfection again, i vow never to do this again after my first Golde but if i dont then it will just be a nice driver that gets sold, messed around with by another owner then sadly off the road,

    so next year my Convertible will be For sale anywhere Shipping worldwide, as i want my Golde back, with J code if possible!!!!

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    Sorry 'bout that Kev

    Ummm guess that would have been me Kev, It's heading "downunder"

    You know how it goes.... ya snooze ya lose

    Sorry 'bout that



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      Kevin ouchby an hour now that is just wrong but it is going to a new home. Kevin to you and yours, from me and mine, all the very best over the holiday season.
      Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada
      Thunderbird Registry
      58HT #33317
      60 HT (Sold )


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        That's good sportsmanship Kev. And I'm happy it was someone on here who won it too.

        -Jon TX.
        The 1960 Ford Thunderbird. The WORLD'S most wanted car....

        VTCI Member#6287.


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          Hi Guys,
          Well Another J golde leaves the Shores of the U.S. and Canada,
          hope you have fun with that one Richard, well not very often i snooze n loose! but there is no loser when a car like that goes to a Squarebird man, it could have ended up in a collection somewhere and not really enjoyed.
          I knew that car was up for grabs a short time ago but was trying to secure funds, not easy in these present times, ah well funds were found but thats the hour you got your bid in so well done and enjoy , i will find another! it would be nice to find a carbon copy of my old one.

          Meanwile the drop top is coming on nice'ly but with interest from the Netherlands and Sweden is high so that's where it might well be going.

          Thunderbird unique in all the World.


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            And i forgot to say, say hello to Richard Cantwell with the RH Drive 63,66 T-bird when out n about have not seen him in a few years sad,ly i am sure he enjoy Turkey on a beach Downunder!,

            As for you Dano and anyone, allways me to you at this time of the year!
            Now back to my garage where its -11 degree's, the coldest this part of the UK has been in around 25 years and i own a convertible!....
            But i am sure Anders is in his fully heated play shop! laugthing at me