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    I am the 87 year old father of Tom Tabor (my name also) who many of you know. I purchased Tom's gold bird in October of 1960 when it was new. I plan on sharing information with all of you about this and other Ford products which I owned. this is really just a first time post to check if it reaches you. Looking forward to future posts Tom R. Tabor

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    Tom Sr., it is an honor to be the 1st to respond to your 1st post on this squarebird site.

    Welcome sir. We look forward to learning more about you & sharing your Ford stories.

    The 1960 Ford Thunderbird. The WORLD'S most wanted car....

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      Dear Tom,

      Welcome to Squarebirds! We eagerly look forward to hearing any and all of your recollections.

      thanks and best wishes
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        Hey Dad, Welcome to the Squarebirds! Now I better be careful on what I say about my Father!
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          Welcome Tom II. Boy, I wish that I knew what you know. Good to have you on Squarebirds.


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            Tom Sr., I too, am very honored to welcome you to

            Your son sings your praises a lot. He cherishes ‘his Dad’s Thunderbird’ and he’s excited to bring you to Dearborn later this month. It is clear to me that your son idolized you. He wants to make the Dearborn event very special for you, and he is especially excited to bring you in your ‘old’ car.

            I would love to hear your stories, as I am an old Ford guy, myself. I don’t have a Thunderbird but I do have a ’59 Galaxie and a ’55 Customline. I hope to make you and your son's aquaintance, as I live in Royal Oak, MI (a spit from I-75). I pass Bay City quite often, on my way up north. – Dave Dare
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              Hey Mr. Tabor,
              Welcome to Squarebirds! We would love to hear any old Ford stories you have. Tom is mighty proud of the Thunderbird that you bought new! I hope you both can enjoy her!
              Richard D. Hord


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                Here's is a picture of our new member, behind the wheel of our Goldbird!
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                sigpic1960 Gold Bird, original owner since new. tbirdregistry #3158


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                  Great to have the old man on the forum

                  Looking at that picture again, make me realize why I just love that gold color. Very few other colors bring forward the shape of the body like this do. And even if I have never been a fan of convertibles, this one blows me away every time I look at it.
                  I showed it to a few collegues at work this morning, and after quite a discussion, we agree that it is better than gold, so we gave it the name "Warm Silver"
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                    welcome tom! congratulations on keeping your bird for so long and for taking such good care of it.



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                      Hello! It's great to have you as a member of the forum.

                      Pass all those stories about your Tbird along to your son as my Dad did - it's great to just sit and reminisce through the memories.

                      One of my favorites is how my Dad tried to trade our Tbird in the gas crunch of the '70's but after crunching the numbers decided it would be cheaper just to keep it and drive it (rather than pay the dealer to take the Tbird and also pay for the new car). If he had traded I might have to be a member of the Chevy Vega Wagon forum .

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                        LMBO! "If he had traded I might have to be a member of the Chevy Vega Wagon forum ."

                        That was a good short story itself, Eric! Yes, we would love to hear your Father/Son stories about the Goldbird. Put them in Anything Goes for us to enjoy.

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