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refinishing inside of fender wells

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  • refinishing inside of fender wells

    Cant decide what to do.

    Fender wells have some newer undercoating (previous owner applied) on them now. A few spots have some purple overspray from when the car was painted. I'm also going to clean up the brake drums so they look good behind the mags.

    Here's what I'm thinking: Eastwood Rust Encapsulator where there is any surface rust. Eastwood Underhood Black in the fender wells, and Eastwood Chassis Black on the brake drums. I think Chassis Black might be too glossy to use on the fender wells; especially on the front where it would be highly visible ?

    Opinions and suggestions are, as always, greatly appreciated....

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    Iīm not aware of Eastwoods products, but the fenderwells must be in a matt colour, preferibly in a undercoat grain & finish.
    Regarding the drums I would say matt or semimatt. Not glossy. But priority is something that donīt disapear due to the heat...
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