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    Dash Pad

    For those still in need of a dash pad replacement, I just placed an order at If you place the order on their new web site they are selling replacement dash pads for $359 and will ship for free. It's been the best offer I've run across so far.


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      uups, I have missed the comments on my dash. Appologys for that.
      I have no clue why my dash ( and seats ) have this stitching. I remember that I mentioned it on another thread a year or two ago, and someone said it was probably some aftermarket interior from the ī60:s. I donīt know. But it looks very good, and there is no sacking anywhere. My "only" problem is that when I bought new foam for my seats, a upholstery shop removed the backrest from the backseat first, and found out they have mounted this cover on old foam, so it donīt fit anymore with new foam. So I need to save for a new set of vinyl before I can use my new foam
      My car came from Texas, and was originally delivered to Texas as well ( Fort Worth ), so it must have been replaced there somewhere. Yes Jed, This pic was taken before I got my steering wheel back from you
      The km/h speedo was something I did myself, as I wanted it to look as original as possible. Otherwise, I have to mark 30, 50, 70, 90 & 110 km/h on a little label on the glass in order to pass inspection, and I couldīt realy see myself having that, as one of my proffessions at Volvo is to design all Instrument clusters......
      Hereīs a link to the pictures when I did the speedo:
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        Hey Anders,
        Man that is pretty!
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          Note must be made that all the replacement dash pads fit pnly the late 59 and 60 model birds. In order to install the new pads in a 58 and most 59's much trimming and fitting is necessary to cover the metal frame as was done by Ford when the 58's and 59's came out of the factory.

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            Dash pad

            Originally posted by ncbird View Post
            What do we know about the replacement dash pads sold by the various vendors? Where has anyone purchased one that they think was high quality? It appears to me that there may be one company with the original tooling making them and then selling them to the vendors. Therefore price is a matter of mark up by the vendor. I found this one on EBAY for $359 which is about 40 dollars cheaper then the name tbird guys. Has anyone bought one of these? I am getting set to rewire my 60 and it looks like Ford put the dash pad in first and built the interior around it. Sooo as long as I have the dash apart I might as well tackle this also. Any help or experience is appreciated. Grant
            I found one at a salvage yard.Looked like someone had just replaced it before car was junked.I paid $25 and they pulled it for me.LOL
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              Grant - does your Tbird have A/C? Seems I remember all the replacement dash pads come for non A/C cars and need to be cut out for the vents.

              Do those plastic dash caps need to be cut for A/C cars as well? Advantage I see of a dash cap is a protector for a new pad - put felt on the back to protect your pad and just lay it in place to keep the sun off the new pad - probably better to use a sun shade or cover but if you want folks to look in the car at a show a shade or cover may not be the best option.

              (hopefylly Grant won't mind me hijacking his thread for a question but since this is about dash pads) Anyone know if the A/C vent can be installed from the front in a non A/C car or does the dash pad have to come out?

              Grant - hope to get the new motor in before you are finished - will get to an alignment shop first thing for my Granada spindle specs - haven't forgotten!!

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                Erick the hole is already in the metal dash. I think the dash pad has to come out to secure the plenum for the A/C but not the bezel. Maybe some one here as an A/C car and can comment. Eric if that motor you bought is not a 4 barrel motor let me know. I have a correct 60 4 barrell manifold that I would be happy to give you if you need it. We can meet in Laurenberg or somewhere. Grant
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                  dash fit

                  in continuing to try and improve my new 60 i found that my dash (i'm pretty sure by now it's a replacement, looks good though) wasn't fit in very well as there is quite a gap where the top of the dash meets the windshield. since i have my dash cluster out for wiring fixes i thougt i might try and tighten up the dash fit. the assembly manual isn't all that helpful, has anyone done this and can tell me roughly how tough it is, and roughly where the main bolt/scre locations are. do i have to remove my glove box liner? to get to the bolts that i assume are in that area too?


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                    Grant - sure hope I can wiggle the vent in without taking the dash pad out but I bet you are correct. Hoping maybe it can be stuffed in through the lower opening after removing the radio or maybe through the glove box opening. Seems the jobs I tackle always require taking 90% of the car apart for just one little screw.

                    Very much appreciate the offer on the 4V manifold but lucked out and it already has one on it. We still need to plan a meet somewhere for lunch when we get finished.

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                      A/C vent

                      Eric lay the bezel over the plenum and see if there is a lip. By that I mean is the bezel maybe 1/4 of an inch larger then the plenum. If I remember correctly I think you may be able to cut the pat to fit the plenum through (the hole in the dash is large enough for the plenum to come in from the top) and then have the bezel cover the hole with the extra 1/4 inch. You might have to cut some of the pad out under the edge to make it look right. I look forward to us getting together. We just had "rims on the river" here in Wilmington and had several hundred cars..but no square birds...several baby birds and one bullet bird.
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                      "Dads Bird" for my father