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(spare tire) rim size possibility and head lights

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    Originally posted by Dutchbird View Post
    Did some research for you this afternoon on the car, as I still didn't found the boxes with the type-number of my 'Hella' headlights yet.

    Hi Ronald,

    Here's a pic of one box with the correct number on it, hope it helps and happy hunting:
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      Are these lights briter than our sealed beams? I put halogen bulbs in my 66 and they seemed alot better. I might want to look into a set of those.


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        Thanks Marco, this will help me a lot.


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          Originally posted by tbirds8 View Post
          Are these lights briter than our sealed beams? I put halogen bulbs in my 66 and they seemed alot better. I might want to look into a set of those.
          Hi Bill,

          Good question, but I really don't know to be honest.....
          Never compared them because here in the Netherlands -Europe- these sealed beams are not allowed! They should be replaced by a headlight whose lights (bulbs) can be changed.
          Stupid or not, that's pescribed law if you want to register and drive your 'Amercan Beauty' here.

          Otherwise I did a little research for you tonight on the Internet and it seems that 'our headlights' aren't allowed into your US vehicles, according to your federal law.
          (I will PM you with some more detailing info on this)
          Here are two pics I found, but it's the standard sealed beam instead of the halogen one, compared with the European headlight. Sorry I can't give you the right answer, that's all for now unfortunately........
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            You just gave me the answer! Thank you..................Bill


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              I prefer the more antique yellow color of the lights.
              Is there a way to get that with bulbs?
              Luckely, I can still use my sealed as "everything that is original from the factory when the car was new" is legal here
              Funny though, as all american cars needed to change lights before 3:rd of september 1967, as we drove on the left side of the road before that...
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                'The 1984 Lincoln Mark VII was the first car offered on the American market since 1939 with replaceable-bulb headlights, and most of the world's automakers quickly provided this type of headlight on the models they sold in North America. These were frequently called "Euro headlights," since they looked like the model-specific headlights that had been common in Europe for many years. But the term wasn't accurate, since these new American-market headlights still produced the same beam pattern as the old sealed beams.'
                Most American cars use a 9004 or 9007 Halogen bulb inside a composite housing. I don't think sealed beams are illegal here, but nobody uses them so they are harder to find. Retrofitting to a non-sealed beam is left up to the car owner, so there isn't a big market for that, either. The only time I ever heard of a policeman giving a ticket for a headlight was when it was burned out.

                BTW, we can use european-standard headlights. Hella retrofits are sold here, too (and they are DOT approved).
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                  I,m gona times the price by 4 and then by 4 cars............OUCH


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                    If it were mine I would want to do a voltage test at the headlamp socket to verify the meager wiring and components are in good condition.

                    I write this because on my Ford truck (1970), the new halogens cause the relay to overheat and switch the headlights off briefly while it cools down. Of course this may be totally unrelated to the squarebirds.