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Transmission valve

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  • Transmission valve

    There is a little valve on a bracket on the back of the 352 block is used for. The bracket is mounted to the rear of the intake manifold. The valve looks like a Schraeder type valve (like used on the tires) and has a line which runs to the transmission. I did not see this on a friend's 1959 Thunderbird with the identical 352 motor and auto transmission. Is this a test valve or are you supposed to put air into it? Is the 1959 thunderbird missing this piece? I have not been able to find it in the 1960 shop manual.

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    RE: Transmission valve

    The line is used for testing of the fluid pressure on the transmission at the factory. Of the 1958-60 Thunderbirds, only 1960 models have this port.

    Definitely don't put air into it. the valve end is supposed to have a cap on it.

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