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  • data plate info 60 tbird

    hi guys just acquired a 60 bird data plate shows it as being 12w date code v for the color (car is white original paint) can anyone tell me what this means
    thanks tom
    Tom Splane

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    See this link for data plate decoding:

    Looks like it was built Sept 12, 1960 (late in the run) and the color is Palm Springs Rose.
    Mike Lemmon
    '59 Raven Black Hardtop


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      data plate info 60 tbird

      Hi Tom,

      Mike gave you the link to check your Data Plate with. Everything listed on your data plate is broken down on that web page. It will tell you everything your data plate says. What Mike did not tell you is, that a date of 12W (12th of September) means that you have one of the very last 1960 Tbirds produced! As I recall, the Tbirds that were on the production schedule to be built on the days after the 9th of September, if they were built at all (and some were not, is my understanding) were all built on the 9th of September, or before. Because Ford made the decision to shut down the line after the production run of the 9th and did. There were several hundred cars on the production runs that had been set up to be built through the 13th of September that were built. One of them is Greg Prince's - trim code 76 1960 Tbird, which was the very last off the line. You will find pages of information about this in other Forums here.

      What is the VIN number of your Tbird? You can also find that breakdown up in the Technical Forum above the Squarebirds Forum. There were a total of 92,843 1960 Tbirds made. Greg's Tbirds VIN # is OY71Y192744. (Disregard the 1 after the 71Y. They all started with 1). Back then, they were NOT sent down the line in serial number order. So someone with a later VIN # than 92,744, could have been built weeks or months earlier than Gregs.
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        Tom, You will most certainly want to register your Bird in the Tbird Registry with John Rotella. The registry website is and his email is and
        Best Birding,
        Jed Zimmerman
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