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hood release cables

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  • hood release cables

    Hi People

    Having just had a problem opening my hood I see the cable from under the dash to the release lever is about to break, also the bowden cable running between lock releases is binding, anyone know of someone scapping a car that may have these, I checked new part sites and found the big cable but not the inside cable

    Thank You for any help


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    hood release cables

    Hi John,

    When my cable between the two latches broke I used a manual choke cable to replace it. I do not know if that will work for for that cable though. Call The Bird House, or Don at Bird Nest or some of the other parts vendors to see if they have it. Or try John Draxler at Thunderbird Ranch. You will find their phone numbers on the Home page in the Links section.

    Since this problem applies to your Squarebird, I moved it up into the Squarebird Forum for you.

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      Hi John:
      I agree with Ray, a manual choke cable should work. One of the nice thkings about the squarebird setup is that the handle is a separate peice and can be attached to any bowden cable. If you want to get a heavier cable, try a drivetrain shop - they have a variety of bowden cables so you should be able to find something that will work for you.

      I installed some auxiallary gauges last year and in doing so had to relocate the hood release handle. But the original cable wasn't quite long enough so I got a hood release cable for a 1957 TBird from Mac's and it did the trick.
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        I did not realize the hood handle set up can be seperated from the cable, I have an old bowden cable from my venting system, I am going to look at this and see if I can adapt it, I had a quick peek at the assembly last night and it looked to be squeezed over the bowden cable

        Thank You much


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          There should be a set screw on the underside of the hood release handle. If you loosen the set screw you should be able to separate the handle from the bowden cable. Mac's lists the handle (B8S 16916-A) for $17 but does not list the cable. It is possibble that a previous owner replaced the original cable with something else. The original handle is fairly rectangular and has the word "HOOD" on it.
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            yes the handle says hood on it but the shaft is rounded rather than square, The cable itself which slides within the sheath attaches to a larger shell that the handle is able to be attached to with the set screw, the unit is complete except for the handle (removable) I have sent a fax to the thunderbird Connection to see if he can send me one, if not the one I have right now does just sticks and has already broken once so the set screw that holds the wire against the lever is just barely able to do its job