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  • Trailer Hitches on Tbirds...

    Since trailer hitches were mentioned in another thread, I figured I would tell you in this new thread, that Rose has a trailer hitch on her. She had one when I bought her. I might take it off when the bumper comes off for chroming down the road.

    If you look at the pictures that Anders has sent of Tbirds in Sweden, you will see that a lot of Tbird owners there pull small camping trailers with their Tbirds to S&S events. Saves on hotel bills, for one thing. So it is not an uncommon thing there. That probably applies to other European countries also. Maybe even down under. I have not been to many S&S shows around here, so I don't know if it is common or not.

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    I would love to see pics and measurements for a hitch for my '66 - I could really use one.

    Or if somebody on the site has a spare one I would buy it outright.

    (Then I would only have the night-mare of sorting the turn-signals, brake-lights etc...)
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      On My Classic Car on several occasions there have been 50s cars with matching trailers, including one Squarebird. While the idea of a Squarebird pulling a trailer in general takes a little getting used to, seeing a matching unit behind it was kind of neat!

      A variation was a 1956 Chevy towing a boat of the same vintage painted identically.
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        Guess this may be common knowledge but don't forget about the Draw-Tite hitch in the tech section! Pics too!



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          Tow Balls,or Hitches

          From all the T.Birds that I have come across, at least 60-100, & not to mention Chevvys & Chryslers.
          I've only come across "1" with. The first thing we do is to get rid of them on the ones that have them. Back in the days when they were used as daily drivers I guess it was the norm like modern day cars. Here in OZ it's very UN-Cool to have one.

          Chris....From the Land of OZ.


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            My 1960 430cid had one on her too. I removed it FAST!!

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