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    Originally posted by Coral View Post
    Quick thinking on his part!

    Its amazing to me how many people these days drive about, not a care in the world... when they have a shockingly low/flat tire or one that the belts have slipped and is wobbling away, hanging/dragging exhaust bits or worse, the idiot lights on the dash going ignored....

    .... my foster-sister asked me once to help me check her oil...I said sure, come on... she opened the hood and pulled out the tranny stick and said..."its full, right?" -
    I smiled at her and said, hon, thats your transmission dipstick - not oil...and pointing/pulling it out...noted that it was bone dry...I asked her when she checked it last... "oh, Ive never seen that one before, but the orange light on the dash shows an oil can" ...I blinked several times before asking how long the light had been on.... " a few weeks now, why? "

    over heard one gal at work the other day talking about having to replace her daughters brakes and the amount it cost...turns out after a few well placed questions, the daughter ignored the screeching of the disc brakes for well into a year and the rotors had to be replaced as they'd been gouged deeper than a pencil...she didn't stop driving the car until she couldn't get it TO stop....

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      Originally posted by tbird430 View Post
      HAHAHA!! Funy story there bro...
      Very much so!

      hate it when cops are about to witness a faux pas, LOL

      ...and have you kept tabs on this Lori?
      I've often gone back through my high school grad. book, looking at the people in there and been trying to find them, for a reunion or whatever...found a few, a few found me, but I could not get to a reunion a while ago, which was haphazardly tossed together, plans wise....I was totally bent, since I had been the one pestering the few I DID have contact with to DO something... its been so long, I've no idea why I worry about it anymore <1981> but I really truly am almost desperate to see these people again and its quite odd, since they weren't "my friends" at all....

      jeeze...intervention or therapy?


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        No, I lost track of her when we graduated in '81 but I saw her in '06 reunion. She has been married and divorced severial times but she was still looking pretty good. We talked for quite awhile. She remembered that time I lost my tire! She is a different person now and I am glad that I married my woman going on 23 years!!


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          Hey Colo66,
          Quote: "I am glad that I married my woman going on 23 years!!"
          Congratulations!!! Thats hard for a lot of people to say these days!
          I'm going for twenty eight!
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            Yep, my wife did a great job teaching and breaking me in!
            Congrats on 28!!!!!!


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              Anything over 20 years is

              Congrats to the two (er, 4, wait... 6) of you!!! <and the more coming to announce as well>

              turns out my dear nephew, BobChuck eloped on 7/22 and got married <in las vegas> to his HS girlfriend, Emily, they been together solid since like for ages...OH hand me a tissue!.... will post a piccy in a bit....
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                For sheer diversity and quality of material, this may be the best thread we've ever had . . .
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                  Here is my Uncle poncho, his youngest son Eddie (recent college grad - the one going to Germany to be a brewmaster)
                  Eldest son, Bob Chuck and his new wife Emily....

                  (this is not the fiberglass/autobody uncle I've mentioned before)
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                    Originally posted by JohnG View Post
                    For sheer diversity and quality of material, this may be the best thread we've ever had . . .
                    I concur!