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    I think the situation just got considerably simpler. I finally realized there is a switch beside the map light (in place of a dome light because it is a convertible) that can be used to turn the light on anytime or have it light only when one or both doors are open. So I should be able to tap into the side that has power all the time and connect the glove box light lead to it. The result is that the glove box light will come on anytime the glove box door is open - which is fine by me.
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        Coral has one....installed/wired/switch is upper left hand side.....Howard...the switch is a regular spring loaded deal, closed /off open /on....haven't tried anything else...


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          Glove Box Light

          Hey, Cathie! You lucky Gal! I wish Rose had one, but she does not. I am looking for one to put in her, but have not found one yet. I did get the trunk light and assembly though! I need to find out if my ashtray light is there, but I think it was ripped out by the previous owner when he ran his big cable through that area to the trunk and his big amplifier he had in the spare tire well.

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            Oh gads...did he go in smart or just go IN?
            Ya know those sound fellas can get carried away sometimes, lol