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Aftermarket Fuse Boxes ??

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  • Aftermarket Fuse Boxes ??

    For a variety of reasons I would like to find out if any of you knows of a good fuse box that one could add into a car like a Squarebird (or any 50s vehicle or older).

    I would like to attach it to vertical surface underneath. Be able to connect on to it with a circular (loop) connector screwed on, providing power and then tap off of it, and have glass fuses , to ,say, 6-10 circuits, where I get to pick the amperage of the fuses. Would have a removable cover.

    Hot rod guys must use things like this...since they pretty
    much build from scratch.

    This would allow us Squarebird guys to have organized and effective fuse systems and maybe avoid Ray's problem. I am also working with a neighbor on a 1946 truck which is far more primitive than the Squarebirds.

    Any leads appreciated.

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    I'm sure that is a variety of potential suppliers of these products. Cooper Bussman make a number of them in their 15600 series. Bussman 15601 is a 6 circuit board, Busssman 15602 a 10 circuit board etc. They use spade type fuses so you can use whatever strength of fuse you want for any given circuit. I don't know what retailers handle these products but I am sure that any Hot Rod shop will have listings for them.
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      Hi John

      Painless Wiring does a great selection of comprehensive aftermarket fuuse boxes and pretty well every other component you'd need

      here's a link to the seven circuit one:

      You can order online. Don't know how spendy these are. When I did my '36 Ford hot rod I just went to a wrecker (Auto Dismantler?) and got one out of a 70's car, cost $2 and worked well

      I think most auto parts stores will sell generic add-on fuse boxes that take the glass fuses