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Biege leather interior

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    $25.00 ? Is that 1960 prices? ha
    Sal III

    60 T BD

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      That Sunstar is 1:18 scale. They had black with beige leather interior and white with red when they first came out. My wife got me two for Christmas a couple of years ago and I took 'em apart and made me a white with beige and a black with red to match my car. Sold the white & beige one to someone on the Yahoo! list for $15.

      I think they've got different colors now, look at some die cast stores and you should find them.

      Back in HS, a friend's family had a maroon 1978 Diamond Jubilee with T-tops that he drove. Neat car. I wonder what it'd be worth now, the Diamond Jubilee was pretty rare itself, let alone with the T-tops.
      DGS (aka salguod)
      1960 Convertible - Raven Black, Red leather


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        I just got Tammi TBird (trim Code 84) out of winter storage and a quick look says that it's either intentionally "off white" beige or tanned from age.