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  • Window replacement

    I had new windows put in my frames and now I will be putting the windows back in the door.# 1 what is the best way to install the roller assembly do I put them in the window channel and then snap them onto the regulator? # 2 should I grease the window channel where the rollers go with white grease? maybe the picture will help At the speed I am going I hope to have my 59 on the road next spring. Thanks in advance for your help Bob M
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    my Manual says to put them in the window then snap them on the regulator, this is the way I did it not to easy to do but can be done. lining the regulator up to the roller assy. is the hard part.

    With the window all the way down the back one of the 2 is the easy part pull out the arm and slide it in the hole. then raise the window up 90 to 95% I used a screw driver to pull the arm out of the way and slide the roller over with another screwdriver and snap it in cycle it and you should be good.

    Now the sad part. less the 1 minute for the first one and 30 Minutes for the second one. So if any one has a better way to do it I will surly be interested to here it.

    Use white lithium grease its the best and does not wash off over time.
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      I am doing the same job. It is a very time consuming project. I will try to follow 6TB1RD's advice. If I have any pointers (besides time and patience) I'll let you know.


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        Thanks for the pointers they helped alot. Unfortunately, while trying to adjust the range of the window, my power motor went out. Now I know how to do it, but I'm running out of time to get my power window motor fixed.