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Rear quarter window installation

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  • Rear quarter window installation

    Hi All,

    I need to install the remaining rear quarter window and fix the one I previously installed some time ago. The one I did some time ago I missed putting upper retaining in that keeps it in the track.

    Last time there was a lot of cursing trying to get it all in.

    All the track, guides motor etc all need to be put back in, unfortunatly it was all apart when I got the car.

    My questions are:

    Should there be felt on the rear most channel as I can't see any signs of any previously.

    Are there any installation details, and order for putting this all back together.

    thanks again in advance.

    sigpicHello from Australia

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    search for "quarter window install". lots of former posts will be available for review


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      Page 13-16 in the 59 shop manual addresses that window but don't know how thoroughly. In my experience shop manuals don't include little details that are so important to non trained persons. I'm looking thru some of my Scoop magazines to see if it is addressed there. I'm sure there are many persons on here that have actual experience which is valuable.
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        From what I have read so far, im still unsure. I have information on the adjustment of the window but nothing on the removal and install ofr the glass and frame.

        As basically all the mechanism is out of the car, i'm looking to find out what parts need to be in place before I drop in the glass+frame.

        If anyone has done a glass replacment before this may help.

        When I did the other window I missed putting in 'U' bracket (Part No. 25886) with the plastic guide that screws to the windows frame, now I have no idea on how to get it in, other than take the window out again.

        thanks again.
        sigpicHello from Australia


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          You want both the front and rear channel in place (and yes, the rear channel should have felt). You can leave the intermediate channel (part #30244) out for now. Install the regulator from the bottom and leave the bolts loose. I usually have the regulator adjusted all the way down initially. Install the rollers into the window frame channel and then slide the window in from the top and guide it down so you can push the regulator pins into the rollers. You may need to roll the regulator up or down slightly to make it easier (it's certainly easier with manual windows). After that's done you can slide the intermediate channel in place so it goes into the bottom roller and install the two nuts. Then install the top window stop. Hopefully you marked where the bolts and nuts came out so you can get it close. If not you should be able to see the indentations from the star washers. I probably forgot something. It's easier doing it then trying to remember the steps.

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