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proper transmission dipstick for 59 tbird w 430

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  • proper transmission dipstick for 59 tbird w 430

    Im looking for a transmission dipstick for my cruise-o-matic. the date code on my car is 20g which decodes as made on july 20. however the dipsticks i can find online show them as for years prior to june 15,1959. Others choices online leave out the date code distinction. the illustrations provided by the company looks the same as the one i currently have but i want to know if there is a difference i should be aware of before placing my order.

    on the one of forums here i got a part number of C0LL 7A020-B which appears to be for a 1960 model. however looking for that part number via google turns up nothing for my car.

    thanks in advance for you help


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    The Ford parts manual shows a part number of B9SZ-7A020-A before 6/1/1959 and C0LL-7A020-B from 6/1/1959 through the 1960 model year. The part number for the tube was also changed at the same time. However there is no info saying if there's any difference in the two dipsticks. I can't see there being any difference in the length. Part numbers can be changed for a variety of reasons. It doesn't always mean there's a change in the design. C0LL sounds like a Lincoln/Mercury part number. Your transmission could've been built earlier than 6/1/59 even if you car's build date is July. You may want to contact Carl Heller (partsetal). He also sells parts and may know if there's any difference.

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