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A/C Sight Glass O-Rings

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  • A/C Sight Glass O-Rings

    My 60 has the original a/c system. Compressor is rebuilt and I plan to replace the hoses. I'm looking for the o-rings that go in the sight glass. I've checked with many a/c shops including Original Air and they will rebuild mine but don't sell the kit. Thunderbird Headquarters has a rebuild kit for $60.00 which includes two o-rings, two washers and the glass or they have a rebuilt sight glass for $170.00. Pretty pricey, especially the rebuild kit. All I need are the o-rings and washers. Anyone know where I can purchase the o-rings and washers? I don't know the size of the o-rings or exactly what they look like. Thanks.

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    Other than the glass itself the parts look like over the counter parts. You can get an a/c o-ring set at any auto store that has a number of different size o-rings for about $5.00. I'm pretty sure one size will fit. As for the copper washers any hardware/home center store should have them for a few cents. You have to take yours apart anyway so just take the parts with you to compare.

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