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Carpet questions - Trim code 53

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    This car is a "nut and bolt" restoration. 14 years in work. I haven't been posting many pictures but here is what it looked like just before leaving the body shop (2014) and just last week - first drive around the block!

    I'm putting in that Quiet Ride kit so just wondering if there will be any issues putting the new carpet over it.

    Also see ROT sheet!

    If anyone is interested I'll start a new thread and post some more photos.

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    John Orwin
    1960 HT 430
    VTCI #11290
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      Carpet questions - Trim code 53

      John, your ROT sheet is in excellent condition after nearly 60 years of being in the back seat springs! Another thing that it confirms is what many have said over the years. Your Data Plate should certainly show a Date of 18E on it, since that is the Scheduled Date on your Rot sheet, 18E, E being the month of May, that it was "projected" to be built. However, look at the Date on the Rot sheet to the right of the ROT (Rotation) #. It says 05 13, May 13th. On that date, according to the 1960 Daily Production Run numbers I have, that date shows only a total of 469, including Export Tbirds built on that date. Assuming your 472 was the last Tbird built that date, that indicates that the 1960 Squarebird Productions Numbers provided by Ford are off by 3 Tbirds or more for that date... That makes me wonder how many other dates are also off...

      It does indicate that the Date stamped into the Data Plate is the Estimated Date when they thought the car would be Scheduled for Production. The ROT sheet Date next to the ROT # is the Actual Date it was built. They were running around 450-460 cars a day through the production line and were 5 days ahead of schedule according to these dates.. Your Rot sheet also confirms what the Data Plate says your Tbird left the shop looking like back then... Just as she does today, as you go about restoring her to her original color and trim..

      Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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