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    Hi All, I just got all the parts I'll need for this project. Digital sequencer, 2 new lenses, 2 2 pole sockets. I'm wondering if anyone has done this.
    According to the schematic there are signal brake light combination wires and a solid green brake light wire. Currently only the outside lights act as signals, while 2 of the 3 act as brake and tail lights. My plan is to ditch the reverse lights, move them to a small LED on the top of the license plate (change the wiring to have them come on without having to have the headlights on), and have all 3 lights on each side do the same, add the sequencer to get the blink blink blink effect.
    My question is, if I hook up the combo wire to the sequencer will the thing do some weird strobe effect or only when I use the flasher. There are 2 poles and 3 functions. I'm trying to avoid having to add an LED strip into the mix and get tails and brake lights that will switch to signal when I put on the flasher.

    I'll post pics (if I can remember how) to show the results but if someone can enlighten me about the wiring prior I'd appreciate it.
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