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    I have no power to my brake switch on the master cylinder brake switch.I ran a temporary feed to the switch and the brakes lights work. I checked the fuse on the red wire off the ignition switch and it's ok and my indicators work fine. I also have no power to the clock (fuse ok) and also the horn.

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    Go to the Technical Resource Library and find this electrical drawing: Click HERE

    Click on the picture then print it out.

    Notice that the GREEN wire coming from the 'A' terminal of your HEADLIGHT SWITCH feeds the stop switch. That 'A' terminal is fused. You should find the fuse on the back side of your headlight switch.
    Remember that this wire is normally ALWAYS ON, so the brake lights work without a key.

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      58 Tbird

      Thanks I will investigate. What about no Horn and no clock fuse ok


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        Originally posted by philbrennan6 View Post
        Thanks I will investigate. What about no Horn and no clock fuse ok
        Check the horn relay on the driver side inner fender below the voltage regulator. The clock connects to the B terminal of the headlight switch. I would start there.

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