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Handbrake/firewall seal

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  • Handbrake/firewall seal

    Hi all,
    May car was partially disasembled when I purchased it, and i'm unsure how the black plate that surround the steering column and handbrake is supose to go on.
    I have put in on from the inside of the car sandwiching the rubber seal agains the firewall. It this correct? I cannot find any details or photos. What make me question this is one of the three handbrake bolts has a nut that tightens down directly on the rubber, I can add a washer but it dosent seem right.

    Also if I was to replace the large flat rubber seal ode the column need to come out?

    thanks again.
    sigpicHello from Australia

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    I do believe that if you want to replace the rubber seal behind the steering column plate, the column would have to come out. The option is to cut a splice in the new seal where the steering column passes through it, and tape it back together and then install the plate over that.
    As for the hand brake plate, all 3 of the studs pass through holes in the firewall to secure the plate unless someone enlarged the oval shaped hole that the hand brake rod passes through. The hole in my firewall matches the hole in the backing plate and rubber gasket.
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      Hi Niles,
      The two bolts on the left of the image both go through the plate and the firewall, but the third on the right side only the plate.
      This third nut will tighten down of the flat rubber seal. It seems a little odd to me, is I would think tightening this may tear the rubber.

      The firewall looks untouched.
      sigpicHello from Australia


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        Yes, you are right. The third stud only goes through the cover plate and the nut tightens against the rubber gasket. A washer helps to protect the rubber. I looked at mine again today in better light.


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          Thanks again for your help.
          sigpicHello from Australia