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  • Gas Question

    What gas to put in? Such a basic yet important question. Someone mentioned needing a lead additive? Is that every time? Is there a certain type?

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    Found an old post about taking premium/95 with maybe a lead additive but some people think it is not necessary.


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      Gas Question

      Hi Kirsten, did you get her home okay? I think you will find on here that you should use the higher grade, UNLESS, you know that the engine has been re-worked in the past, to accommodate using the lower grade. As for using a lead additive, it is suggested, and I will let someone else say how often to do this. Using the lower grade can cause engine pinging and perhaps other problems. See what the others have to say..
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        my 2 cents on gas

        Hi Kirsten,
        Welcome on here! I use non-ethanol gas pretty much exclusively with the highest octane I can get. Non-E gas is easily available here usually 91 octane and I do use lead additive half bottle per fill-up. My engine has aged original internals.

        Our cars' rubber parts and ethanol do not mix well, so unless your original parts have been replaced with modern ethanol-tolerant versions, using E-10 is not advised. IMHO. Others may disagree. You could easily have a collapsing rubber fuel line that is contributing to your current issues, as ethanol will eat away at rubber parts of your fuel system.

        Just my 2 cents. Sorry to hear of your current woes but these things are fixable. Do you know the repair history from PO?
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          As Ray said below, if your engine was rebuilt, the exhaust valve seats were probably hardened. There's no need for a lead additive. Just run your engine on 91 octane or higher, Premium.

          If you have an original untouched engine, run 91 octane or better, and purchase some lead additive at your parts store. They should know what is required and how often.