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    I have purchased the electric wiper package from New Port Engineering which also included the extended switch after reading the information on the forum.

    I have tried installing the extended switch without luck. When installed, the stem only extends about 1/8" past the bezel when pulled out all of the way. This is not enough length to attach the original knob.

    I've spoke with New Port and sent them pictures of the switch they sent and the factory vacuum switch. They are telling me that the switch I have is correct. They have been very helpful so far and are willing to remachine a switch for me.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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    Leonard, I did this conversion on our '59 Galaxie and I took pictures as I went along. Check out my site. I hope the info you're looking for is here:
    CLICK HERE - Dave
    My latest project:
    CLICK HERE to see my custom hydraulic roller 390 FE build.

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      59 convertible

      I used the Newport system. The switch only comes out 3/32 of an inch after installation. Not much but the system works. I put it in over a year ago so my memory isn't exactly clear but I do recall having some concerns. In any event I got it in. I tried just now to take an underdash picture for you but its not very clear. Do you want my phone number? I'll give you any help I can.

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        I finally discovered the problem. Dave Dare has pictures in the Technical section on this conversion to electric wipers on his '59 Galaxie.

        The extension on the standard switch from New Port Engineering will unscrew from the standard switch and that include a shaft extension held on with a set screw.

        On my switch. the shaft was not attached properly with a set screw on to the standard switch shaft. There is room for adjustment of the extension shaft length on the standard switch shaft.

        If you decide to do this conversion I would recommend that you check the shaft extension set screw tightness and move it as to extend the length of the shaft as much as possible.