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1960 static bonding clip needed

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  • 1960 static bonding clip needed

    My 1960 HT needs a static bonding clip. Saw some posts from 2006 on this topic. Are any available?



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    Contact Carl Heller (partsetal). He should have some used ones.

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      1960 static bonding clip needed

      Rosie, et all.. This is, from what I gather, what you are looking for. The radio noise suppression clip aka hood bonding or grounding tab. As you will see in this link, Alexander was going to recreate the 1958-1959 and slightly different 1960 version. However, because of his illness, he, apparently, never got to do it. Now, I can tell you that I just spoke with Don at the Bird Nest. He said they have used ones in stock for $10ea. Call him, and tell him you need one for the 1960 Squarebird. If he tells you he does not have one for the 1960, I would suggest that you buy a '58 or '59 and modify it to fit. You will find pix in this link below that Alexander posted showing the difference between them. Here is a picture of what the Bonding Clip looks like in the lower right corner of this graphic out of my '59 Shop Manual. Looking at the link by Alexander cited below you will see the difference between the '58-'59 and the '60 bonding clip. You could probably make one, for that matter. Apparently, Carl does not have any.
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