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  • AC Plenum Material

    Is the AC box on the engine side made of fiberglass or bakelite? I removed it and there are some broken pieces floating in there I'd like to reattach. Any suggestions on an adhesive? Of course, there's a bolt that has snapped off that secures the passenger bottom side of AC box to the firewall. The threads must of had some corrosion and being a blind spot I just ratcheted it off until the bolt snapped. The other half of that bolt is inside on the firewall just below the heater core. Not sure how to remedy that either...

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    The mystery material is still a mystery. Looks like bakelite. Glued with a 2 part epoxy and it seems to holding nicely. Painted and back in place. Took most of the day. Cabin still heats up nicely without any help from heater- water disconnected. Center console gets really hot at firewall


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      My AC box was really in bad shape when I started. It had holes in it and was cracked in several places. I used fiberglass and resin to restore it and was very pleased with results. Just need to take your time.