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  • oil cooler recommendations

    Doing everything I can to cool this bird down. Is there a recommendation for installing an oil cooler and if so which brand and source. Thanks as always for responding.

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    Did you do a thorough flush of the engine or just drain the coolant. The best way I know of to flush the block is to remove the water pump so you have direct access to it with a hose and some rust and scale remover (CLR or radiator flush).

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      Tim installed an oil cooler about 3 years ago and did a nice post on the project. Here is a link:
      You could always send him a message to see how it worked out. I think he reported a small drop in running temperature.


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        oil cooler recommendations

        When I bought our '59 convertible, it was blowing oil out the tail pipes...lots of it. It had baffled Midas mufflers with 1.5in tailpipes and I now think the oil may have reduced the flow of exhaust gas through the mufflers. I did not change this setup during the restoration and the car ran hot, up or above the 'P' on the temp gauge. I recently replaced the entire exhaust system with 2" pipe, new mufflers and tailpipes. There was an immediate change in the running temperature and it now stays around the 'M' on the gauge, even on hot days when idling. I think the change allows the engine to "exhale" a lot better. Not an oil cooler recommendation but something that may contribute to a car running hot.


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          Yes, the proper installation of an appropriate oil cooler will aid in reducing the overall temperature of an engine; but, is this the correct procedure in addressing the coolant temp gauge that happens to be indicating a value your not satisfied with?

          First, establish what the actual coolant temperature is, with an instrument, rather than the gauge mounted in the dash, as these are notoriously inaccurate.

          Next, establish that the cooling system is in good condition, and operating as engineered and intended by Ford on day one (well, maybe a year or so down the road would be O.K.), if not, fix it! As it would be an error to attempt a plan of the oil lubrication system assuming the responsibilities of the water cooling system (although there are heat transfer responsibilities within the lubricating system, they are from mostly separate sources).

          The installation of an oil cooler(s) are for instances generally where the vehicle is being utilized in a fashion other than that envisioned by the manufacture, and one feels the oil is accruing a temperature value greater than appreciated. So, what is your oil temperature? And, do realize that it is very important that the oil acquires the sufficient some of heat in order to provide proper service. Note that yes, if the engine is overheating, very likely the oil will also demonstrate elevated values also, but, is this because the oil system needs the cooler, or rather the cooling system is deficient?

          This maybe comparative to: if the A.C. ain't working, just roll the windows just ain't the same.