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    Hi! first off thanks for the group ad. look forward to being part of the group. now my question . my inner two headlights wont come on on my 58. the outer headlights work including the high and low beam , parking lights and all interior lights work . but the inner wont come on. any ideas ? thanks

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    Your inner headlights are only high beams. I would remove the bulbs and check the sockets. They can become corroded very easily. They use the same switch as the outer lights so it's not a switch problem. Last I would check the wiring and the bulbs.

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      Thank you . Went and got new bulbs cleaned connections and presto. Worked thanks. Now onto the gas gauge. It reads empty all the time. cleaned connection on sender . I think its probably the sending unit


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        If your TEMP gauge works I would head toward the fuel tank. Ground the wire on the tank and watch your gauge. If it comes up to 'F', the unit in the tank needs attention or you could have a badly grounded tank.

        We have members who found their brass float was full of gas. An easy solder job fixed it. Others replaced the fuel tank sending unit. You will know more when you take the unit out of the tank. - Dave
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          Yep just tested . Added a ground from sender wire to car and the gauge went to full. So i will pull the sender after I drive it and run some gas out of the tank. just filled it yesterday